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Military Disability can seem extremely complicated and overwhelming. Our goal is to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. So here are a few pointers on using our site. 

Our Free Content

Being prepared for the process, knowing what you can do, and understanding what’s coming next is vital for your peace of mind.

We offer unlimited access to our step-by-step instructions on the DoD Disability Process and the VA Disability Process. Their systems are different, and they both look at different things when rating disabilities, so it’s important that you understand each system. They are combined in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System to make things faster for you, but if you don’t understand them separately, you could miss something along the way.

A word we use a lot on this site is “rating.” A Military Disability Rating is given by Rating Authorities to every condition that qualifies for Military Disability Benefits. It’s important that you understand how ratings work and why they are essential.

We also offer full information on DoD Appeals and VA Appeals, Special Monthly Compensation, the current Payment Rates, all the current Forms, and much more accessed through the main menu or our search function.

Finally, read up on the VASRD. The VASRD is the law that Congress passed that defines exactly how conditions should be rated. It’s important to be familiar with how the VASRD works and the various VASRD Principles and Musculoskeletal Principles that determine how the laws are to be applied in various circumstances.

You now have all the basic information needed to conquer the disability system. Want even more?

All-Access Member Content

Becoming an All-Access Member is the right choice for you if you want to know exactly how your conditions are rated. Our condition rating pages can be accessed through the member portal and will tell you exactly how the VA rates each condition, including what evidence needs to be submitted to get the correct rating.

Members also get all fundamental video courses for FREE, 75% on all full courses, and more.

The Academy Courses

In The Academy, you’ll find individual courses for purchase on important disability topics. These courses take learning to a whole new level, offering step-by-step instructions, worksheets, checklists, in depth discussion, and more. If you want full confidence that your claim was submitted correctly, you provided the correct evidence, etc., take a course for complete peace of mind.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

Our site offers everything you need to dominate your disability. Thanks for traveling the road of Military Disability with us!

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