Assisted Living Pilot Program for Veterans with TBI

As part of the Veterans’ Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, the VA extended their Assisted Living program for veterans with TBI or other traumatic injuries (AL-TBI) until October 6, 2017.
AL-TBI places eligible veterans in private assisted living facilities specifically designed to help them with mobility, memory and speech. 
To be eligible, a veteran must have TBI and/or polytrauma (injuries to multiple body parts or systems) and must meet the following criteria:
– must have mental, emotional, or physical disabilities caused by trauma
– must be stable enough to be moved and treated
– their conditions must have the potential to improve from the program’s services
The program is designed to pull together a variety of medical experts and treatment options in order to provide the best possible rehabilitation for the veteran at the right place and time. Additional, specialized care is provided at the facility closest to a veteran’s home that has the expertise needed to meet his medical, surgical, mental health or rehabilitation needs.
If you think you may qualify for the AL-TBI program, contact your local VA office and ask to speak with the Polytrauma/TBI Point of Contact.  More information can be found at

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