VA’s National Veteran Health Equity Report Aims to Improve Health Care

Earlier this month, the Association of American Medical Colleges recognized the VA for its initiatives to improve health care equity among veterans through the VA’s National Veteran Health Equity Report.
This new report contains information designed to help clinicians better understand the many and varied factors which need to be considered when treating veterans.
It is already being used by health care providers to recognize and understand the often-complicated health concerns affecting this diverse patient group and to help create individual treatment goals geared toward reducing disparities in care.
The report closely examines how veterans’ social, economic, and geographic conditions impact their health care, including the special concerns faced by veterans in rural settings.
The information in the VA’s National Veteran Health Equity Report can now be used by clinicians to develop more effective personal treatment plans and ensure that VA health care reflects not only the needs but also the preferences of our veterans.

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