The PEB Process


The Appeals Process
Preparing for the PEB Process

If a service member develops a physical or mental condition that may make them Unfit for Duty, they must go through the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), which combines the DoD Disability Process and the VA Disability Process. The second half of the IDES is known as the PEB Process.


The PEB Process begins after the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) sends its report to the Informal Physical Evaluation Board (IPEB), more commonly known as just the “PEB”. The PEB then reviews all the service member’s service-connected medical conditions to determine which qualify for Military Disability Benefits from the DoD. To qualify, a condition must make the service member Unfit for Duty

peb process

At this point in the PEB Process, the PEB either returns the service member to active duty (if no conditions qualify) or sends each of the qualifying conditions to the VA to receive a Military Disability Rating.

Once the qualifying conditions are rated, the case is returned to the PEB, and the PEB publishes its decision.

This stage of the PEB Process usually lasts between 2 – 3 months. Depending on the complexity of the case, however, it could be shorter or longer.

At this point in the PEB Process, the service member can appeal both the PEB’s decision and the VA’s Rating Decision. If the service member does not appeal, then they are either placed on TDRL or separated from the military, and the PEB Process ends.

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The Appeals Process

If the service member disagrees with the PEB’s decision, they can appeal to the next stage in the PEB Process: the Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB).

Once the appeal, or “rebuttal”, is received, the FPEB reviews all the evidence of the case, holds a formal hearing, and makes a final ruling, either upholding the PEB’s original decision or replacing it with its own.

If the service member still does not agree with the FPEB’s decision, the PEB Process ends, but the service member can still appeal to a higher authority.

At the same time, the service member can also apply to the VA for a reconsideration of its Rating Decision.

The appeals portion of the PEB Process normally lasts 1 – 2 months.

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Preparing for the PEB Process

To properly prepare for the PEB Process, preparations must be made before the start of the MEB Process. The PEB makes its decisions based on all the evidence that is forwarded to them from the Medical Evaluation Board. It is essential, then, that you properly prepare for the MEB Process in order for your PEB Process to proceed speed-bump free.

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What is the PEB Process?

The PEB Process is the final step of the medical discharge process. A service member with a medical condition that makes them unfit for duty is referred to the Medical Evaluation Board and then on to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The PEB reviews the conditions and determines which qualify for DoD Disability.

How long does the PEB Process take?

The PEB Process takes around 3 months to complete.

How do I apply?

You do not apply to the PEB. Instead, you are referred by your military physician to the MEB when you have conditions that they feel make you unfit for duty. The MEB then forwards the case on to the PEB for the final disability determinations.

If I qualify for DoD disability, what benefits will I receive?

If the MEB and PEB both determine that your conditions are unfitting, you will either be medically separated or medically retired, depending on your disability rating. If you are medically separated, you will receive a one-time payment. If you are medically retired, you will receive a monthly payment as well as all other retirement benefits. You will also qualify to receive disability benefits from the VA.

How long does it take to receive my disability benefits?

You will begin receiving your benefits from the DoD within 2 months of separation.

How much money will I get monthly if I'm medically retired?

The exact amount you receive monthly is determined by your based pay and either your combined rating or your retirement percentage, whichever gives you a higher payment. You can find the full equation on our DoD Disability page.

Is the PEB Process part of the IDES?

Yes. The PEB Process is the second half of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). The PEB is the final Board to review the claim for DoD Disability. They decide if the service member will be medically discharged, medically separated, put on TDRL, or returned to duty. The PEB uses the rating decision of the VA to assign ratings to the service member's conditions.

What is the purpose of the PEB?

The PEB's purpose is to decide which of the conditions make the service member Unfit for Duty and if the service member will be medically discharged, medically separated, put on TDRL, or returned to duty.

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