Free Mental Health Care for Veterans

Free Mental Health Care

The VA is now providing three mental health care visits each year to all veterans for free. No copays will be charged to any veteran for the first three outpatient mental health visits each year from now until 2027.  

To qualify as a “mental health visit,” the purpose of the appointment must be to address any mental condition or substance abuse disorder. 

In order for the VA to wave the copay, the outpatient visit must be at a VA medical facility or through one of the VA’s community care providers. 

This copay benefit dates back to June 27, 2023, so all veterans who received qualifying outpatient mental health care from then until now will automatically receive a refund for these appointments. No action should be needed to receive these refunds, but if you do not receive it within the next 6-8 weeks, reach out to your regional VA office.  

This change comes as part of the implementation of the Cleland-Dole Act of 2022, which focuses on expanding essential access to VA benefits, especially for at-risk veterans. This Act calls for a number of changes to be made before 2027 in an effort to ensure care and support for all veterans, including quick and affordable access to lifesaving mental health care. 

In addition to three free outpatient mental health visits each year, the VA also covers expenses for any emergency care received at any emergency facility for veterans in suicidal crisis. This ensures that eligible veterans in crisis can receive immediate, no-charge care. 

If you are in crisis, please immediately call 988 (the Veterans Crisis Line), call 911, or go to an emergency facility for assistance.

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