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Military Disability for Covid-19

Topics: DoD Disability for Covid-19VA Disability for Covid-19Rating Covid-19 Residuals Military disability for Covid-19 residuals can be granted if the Covid-19 infection meets the requirements

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VA Disability Codes

VA Disability Codes (a.k.a. VASRD Codes) are used to identify conditions and instruct how they should be rated. The VASRD has a four-digit code for every

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The Heart

Topics: The Heart OverviewHeart Condition Ratings The Heart Overview  The VA awards disability compensation for each condition that is service-connected. The DoD will also rate service-connected

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Nexus Letter

Topics: What is a Nexus Letter?Which Claims Require a Nexus Letter?The Four Elements of a Nexus LetterObtaining a Nexus Letter What is a Nexus Letter?

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100% VA Disability Rating

A 100% VA Disability Rating is the highest VA Disability Rating that can be given for VA Disability. A 100% Rating is given to Disabled Veterans with extremely severe service-connected conditions that

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