VA Disability Rates


VA Disability Rates
Applying to Receive VA Disability Rates

VA Disability Rates

VA Disability rates and percentages are based on the condition's severity.

VA Disability Rates are the amounts of money Disabled Veterans receive for their VA Disability.

>>The current 2024 VA Disability Pay Rates can be found on our VA Disability Chart. <<

The exact VA Disability Rate a veteran receives is determined by the Total Combined VA Disability Rating the VA assigns them during the VA Disability Process based on the severity of their conditions. Different VA Disability Rates are given for each rating, 0% – 100%. VA Disability Rates start at $0 for a 0% rating, and then increase as the rating percentages increase from 10% all the way to 100%. The VA rounds all rating percentages to the nearest ten.

The exact amount for individual VA Disability Rates is the same for every veteran, but does vary based on factors like marriage, number of children, age of the children, dependent parents, other dependents, etc. Our VA Disability Chart details the exact amount individual VA Disability Rates receive. These VA Disability Rates are updated every couple years or so by Congress to reflect inflation and the increased cost of living.

The exact monetary amount of each VA Disability Rate is meant to reflect the amount of money the veteran is unable to earn because of their disability.  

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Applying to Receive VA Disability Rates

VA Disability Rates can be attained by submitting a VA Disability Claim. Once the VA determines the veterans rating percentage, they will start being compensated at the corresponding rate.

If you have already received your VA Disability Rating and thus know your VA Disability Rate, but disagree with the VA’s Rating Decision, you can submit an appeal to try to have your VA Disability Rate increased.

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What are VA Disability Rates?

When a disabled veteran applies for VA Disability, they are assigned a rating (percentage) based on the severity of their condition. Each rating percentage is assigned a different monetary VA Disability Rate.

What are the current rates?

The current rates depend on the rating percentage and the number of dependents the veteran has. All of the current rates can found in our VA Disability Chart.

How are the rates determined?

Congress decides the exact rates of VA disability compensation. Every few years or so, Congress will increase the rates to reflect inflation and the cost of living.

Does every VA disability percentage receive a rate?

Yes and no. Even a 0% rating is assigned a $0 rate, but while you could technically qualify for a 53% rating, the VA rounds all ratings to the nearest ten. Rates are only assigned to percentages after they are rounded (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.).

Does every condition receive the same rates?

Yes. All conditions with the same rating percentage receives the same rate. Each condition, however, has different rules to determine how the rating percentages are assigned.

How much money will I get monthly?

The exact amount you receive monthly will depend on your overall rating and if you have any dependents. You can find the VA's current rates on our VA Disability Chart page.

Can VA Disability Rates decrease?

No. Congress can decide not to increase the rates any given year, but they won't decrease them. The VA, however, can decrease a veteran's rating percentages if their conditions improve, resulting in them qualifying for a lower rate.

How can I increase the rate I receive?

To increase the rate you are being paid, you need to increase your rating percentage so the it can round up to at least the next 10%. To do this, your individual conditions will have to qualify for higher rating percentages based on their VASRD rating requirements.

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