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Want to ensure that you get your maximum DoD and VA disability benefits the FIRST time?

Welcome to this VIDEO-BASED do-it-yourself course packed with proven strategies and tips designed to guide you through every step of the medical discharge process and ensure you have everything you need to maximize your DoD and VA disability benefits!

And don’t forget to download your free Course Companion eBook found at the beginning of Lesson 1!

Throughout this course, we’ll explore the entire Integrated Disability Evaluation System in 6 value-packed lessons:

Lesson 1: DoD Disability vs. VA Disability. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between DoD and VA disability to ensure a solid foundation for the rest of the course.

Lesson 2: The Referral. The medical discharge process begins with a referral by your military physician. We discuss how this works and the things you need to do right away to set yourself up for success.

Lesson 3: The VA. Discover the VA-side of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System.

Lesson 4: The DoD. Dive into the DoD-side of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System.

Lesson 5: The Rating Decisions. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the decisions made in your case by both the DoD and the VA and what to do if you disagree with any of them.

Lesson 6: Transition and Benefits. Finally, we’ll discuss transitioning out of the military and what to expect regarding your benefits.

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to know to Own the Medical Discharge Process!

The Course Companion eBook will help you keep track of the things you need to do and all the evidence you need to collect.

Note: This is a VIDEO-BASED do-it-yourself course with content designed to educate you on the Medical Discharge process. The purchase of this course does not include consultations. In order to ask specific questions regarding your case, you will need to become an All-Access Member. For full document review and claim preparation assistance, join our Elite Program.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the outcome of your claim. The information in this course is for education only and cannot be interpreted as official or legal advice. In regards to your evidence, we offer advice on how to gather your evidence, but in many cases the evidence required to support your claim simply doesn’t exist. We cannot assist you in gathering evidence, and if your claim is denied because of a lack of evidence, we cannot be held responsible. 

Ready to get your benefits? Let’s jump straight into Lesson 1!

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