2019 Sporting Events for Disabled Veterans

There are several notable sporting events for disabled veterans coming up in 2019 that are geared to a wide range of experience and ability levels. These events are held in several locations across the country. Links to further information about each event is provided below.
The Valor Games, designed to be an introduction to the experience of competing with a disability, are open to both disabled veterans and active duty personnel.  Events range from cycling to archery, volleyball, and more. Lodging, meals, and ground transportation during the 3-day event will be provided for all participants. 
The Valor Games are regional, with the Valor Games Southeast being held this year in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hills area of North Carolina from May 20-23. Registration for this event just closed but you can sign up for the wait list online. The Valor Games Far West will be held in Alameda, CA from May 30-June 2. Click the links above for more information. Registration for Valor Games Far West opens March 3, 2019.
The National Veterans Wheelchair Games will be held this year in Louisville, KY from July 11-16. Events include archery, basketball, slalom, swimming, weightlifting, and much more. Registration for the Wheelchair Games is now open and closes April 15. Follow the link for more information and to apply.
The National Veterans Golden Age Games are open to all veterans 55 and older, including those with disabilities and/or limited abilities, who receive their health care from the VA. They will be held from June 5-10 in Anchorage, Alaska. Online registration opens February 25 and closes March 8. For more information, please visit VA.gov.
The Disabled Veterans TEE Tournament is now a National event. This year, the TEE Tournament will be held in Iowa City, IA, from September 8-13. It is designed as a rehabilitative experience for legally blind or disabled veterans, where veterans receive golf instruction and compete in golfing events. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to participate in other activities and events, including kayaking, horseback riding, disc golf, and adaptive biking, among others. Registration is now open and closes May 1st.
The National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic will be held this year in San Diego, CA from September 15-20.  This week-long event is open to veterans whose conditions developed in the last 6 years. Conditions can include TBI, amputations, PTSD, visual impairment, and many more. Veterans will participate in a wide range of water and land events, including track and field, surfing and kayaking, and more. Registration is now open and closes May 1.

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